Artist statement


Provoked by the ever changing light, colours and dynamics of life I have discovered a boundless freedom of expression within oil painting. Emotional responses to nature and her creatures, all her colour and creativity envelope my mood and soul.  Peace and power harmonize into individual conception and inspiration.  The impressions in my memory of these inspiring moments have intuitively found their way to my canvas.  

Life is so busy everyday,  that sometimes I forget  to stop and enjoy the abundance of nature and light .  Painting in oil gives me the opportunity to do just that, it stops time and space.  The feeling I get,  while stumbling around a blustery hillside ,  the moment I glimpse wildlife, the moment when I decide to stop and breathe,  this is when inspiration rains down on me.   When all things become different colours from one moment to the next, as the clouds roll by and the sun arcs before retiring:  It is then that I know what I am to paint. 

Stillness, peace, joy, harmony, being here now.