• Sian Crichton was born and raised in a small village just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. Her parents were documentary film makers and so she spent long summers during her childhood with a clapperboard in hand travelling to far off places and meeting many colourful characters along the way.  Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and photography Sian's sense of adventure led her to emigrate to Canada . She remained in Alberta for 12 years and worked for a film and television production company as a producer, director and production manager until she began raising her family. 
  • She left the film business and became a freelance portrait and landscape photographer and after a few years began experimenting with different mediums.  Once she had touched her first paint brush to canvas she realized there was no turning back.  She hungrily sought out classes in realism and learned to paint in the style of the old masters and found under painting the monochromatic tonal values a natural transition after so many years of printing her photography.  
  • "I began painting in the style of the old masters, under painting in Burnt Sienna oil paint first and then layering the colours on top of the values placed.  Initially I began with realism, experimenting with still lifes and environmental portraits and enjoyed the pursuit of authenticity. "
  • She moved to Ontario, and continued to paint and began teaching her other passion, yoga. Dividing her time between both, a dream come true.
  • She spends her time between Ontario and Scotland finding her inspiration.  Once back in her studio she frees these memories by using a wide range of brushes, palette knives and the slow drying medium of oil paint. Then recreating the poetry within the land, people and animals that she experienced.
  • The loose and poetic nature of these quiet yet striking scenes reflect a certain peace and serenity within an often turbulent landscape.  
  • Sian feeds her soul through  painting, photography, poetry and yoga.  Heralding a unique sensitivity towards each subject, through her delicate and intuitive treatment of  movement, introspection, light and shadow.  

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Instagram: siansyoga_art



 BA in photography film and television.

Continuing Education for Photographing Children, Portrait, weddings, Hand colouring/retouching/painting photographs.

Completed Deke McClelland’s Total Training for Adobe Photoshop.

Hidden talent Fine Art School: Laura Watmough course in oil painting like the masters and realism.

Sheridan University. A+
 -Life Drawing. Conte, Charcoal, graphite.

-Painting Transition. Water oil paints.

-Portrait painting, . Water oil paints.

-Art History

-Life Figure drawing. Conte, charcoal, graphite, india ink.

-Colour Theory

RYT 200 Yoga with Barb Leese.